4 Tips For Removing Microbead Extensions

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4 Tips For Removing Microbead Extensions

8 August 2018
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Following the right steps for a microbead hair extension removal is just as important as installing the extensions the correct way. If it's time for you to have your extensions removed, make sure you aren't just pulling them out. Here are some of the safe removal tips you should keep in mind. 

1. Divide Hair Into Sections

Removing microbead extensions can be somewhat of a tedious process. However, you can make the process a lot easier for yourself if you divide the hair into sections. For hair that is of average thickness, divide the hair into about four parts. If your hair is very thick, you might want to try six sections. Use a clip to secure each area while you work around your head. 

2. Start at the Front

You want to start removing the microbeads in the front of your head. Nothing will happen if you start in the back but starting in the front makes the process easier. When you start in the front you get a feel for what you're doing because you can see what you're doing. When you start in the back, you don't get this luxury. 

3. Carefully Open the Bead

When opening the bead, it's essential that you do so carefully. Never try to force the bead open, you will only make matters worse. To open the bead, start applying pressure along the sides of the bead. Typically, the pressure will cause the bead to snap open. If for some reason it doesn't, use a hard-tipped comb or another hard object to try and pry the bead open. Do not use scissors. You could accidentally cut your hair or poke yourself in the head if your hand slips. 

4. Pull Down, Not Out

Once the bead is open, it might not just fall off. You typically have to guide the bead away from your hair. To safely remove the bead, slowly slide it down the shaft of your hair. You should not try to simply pull the bead off and away from your hair. When you pull the bead away, you're likely to grab some of your hair strands. The pulling motion can cause the strands to snap or lead to split ends. Pulling the beads out instead of down can also increase the risk of the hair tangling. 

The more closely you follow these tips, the better you protect your hair. If you plan to install new microbead hair extensions, make sure you thoroughly wash and condition your hair first.