A Cold Laser Home Device Is Safe And Effective For Treating Wrinkles And Other Skin Problems

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A Cold Laser Home Device Is Safe And Effective For Treating Wrinkles And Other Skin Problems

12 December 2022
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Lasers have many uses in the skincare industry. You can take laser treatments at a spa to treat acne, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and poor skin tone. There are also lasers you can use at home. These are cold lasers so you can't harm yourself. Spa lasers work by causing damage to your skin which triggers skin repair and collagen production.

Cold lasers don't cause any damage, so they're safe and comfortable to use. The laser light penetrates deep into your skin and triggers collagen production naturally. Lasers such as the Lyma Laser, which is a clinical-grade cold laser, are safe for you to use at home. Here's what you should know about home laser treatments.

You Need To Be Consistent

You have to commit to regular use for the long term to get the best results. Follow the instructions that come with your laser for how long to use the laser each session and how many sessions to do each week. While you often need to limit treatments with home care devices that injure your skin, you can use a cold laser every day.

When used daily for a period of several months, you should see noticeable changes to your skin. Once you've achieved your desired results, you can cut back to less frequent treatments for maintenance.

There Is No Downtime

A cold laser is painless and doesn't cause skin irritation that would cause you to miss work or have to hide the appearance of your skin. Because of this, you can take a laser treatment any time you can squeeze it in. You can even use a cold laser on the delicate skin around your eyes. Since home lasers may differ, always read and follow the instructions that come with your laser.

You Can Use The Laser All Over Your Body

While you might be most interested in facial treatments since your face is so exposed, you can use the laser anywhere on your body. You might want to work on a scar on your abdomen, treat wrinkles on your knees, or treat thin skin on your hands.

You can treat several areas during a single session, but your session will be much longer, so you'll need to work out the most convenient way to treat multiple areas of your body long enough to get good results.

Cold Lasers Can Be Used On Darker Skin

When you have dark skin, you need to be careful about the beauty devices you use. Ones that trigger a healing response by causing an injury can cause scars on skin with a lot of pigment. This isn't a concern with a cold laser since the laser doesn't cause any injury to your skin.