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Corporate Dress Conundrums: How To Incorporate Your Own Style

When I got my first job in a corporate environment, I needed a crash course in professional dress and the expectations. I didn't want to let the environment quash my own personal sense of style, though. I spent a lot of time learning what was and was not acceptable in a corporate environment and then finding ways to adapt it to my own preferences. I created this site to share the tips I discovered with others to help them avoid the struggles that I did. I hope that the information here helps you adjust to the dress code of your corporate job without losing yourself in the process.


Learning The Skills To Install Hair Extensions

27 September 2021
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The ability to add hair extensions can be a valuable skill for a cosmetologist. Due to the complexity of adding extensions, it can be useful or even required to complete a training class for adding these extensions. Fortunately, virtual hair extensions installation classes can be a useful option for gaining the skills that you need. Can Virtual Hair Extension Courses Provide Certification? Since these courses are offered in a virtual setting, there can be an assumption that these classes will not be sufficient for meeting the legal requirement to start or continue installing hair extensions for your clients. Read More …

What To Look For When Buying Salon Chairs

26 February 2021
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

In today's world, beauty and fashion are an integral part of life. Visiting the salon takes a considerable amount of your time. It doesn't make sense to visit the salon to look great, only to come out with an aching back. As a salon owner, getting superior salon styling chairs should be a priority. So, what goes into choosing salon chairs that will not only look great but offer comfort to your clients? Read More …