Famous Stars And Their Moles

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Famous Stars And Their Moles

31 May 2018
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In most instances, you would want to have a mole removed. Moles, as well as their puffy cousins, the skin tags, are degenerative skin cells, just waiting to turn into cancer. Yet, there are many famous faces that sport moles. Why have they not removed these blemishes from their persons? Here are some of the most famous people and their famous moles, and why they chose to remove or not to remove their moles. 

Cindy Crawford's Mole and Cindy Crawford

Everything about this former supermodel is still super. You probably did not know this, but when she first started modeling, makeup artists would cover the mole under a pile of makeup. She had thought about removing the mole, but her mother convinced her not to remove it. Since then, Ms. Crawford showed the mole to the world, and has not had it removed because it became synonymous with her fame. Thankfully for this famous lady, the mole remains benign. 

Enrique Iglesias's Mole and Enrique Iglesias

This gorgeous Latin singer could make a dozen moles look beautiful. His doctor, however, convinced Enrique it could become cancerous, especially given its size and location. He originally was not going to remove it at all, but then decided to remove it anyway. This is often the reason that most moles are removed; they can just as easily and just as quickly become cancerous without you really knowing it.

Elizabeth Taylor's Mole and Elizabeth Taylor

This legendary, and dearly departed, actress had a mole on her right cheek. In her day, it was considered a "beauty mark," and they did not know that moles caused cancer. That mole stayed on the famous actress's check from her starring role in National Velvet when she was just a teen, to her very last public appearance before her death. Like Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor was also fortunate that her mole was of the non-malignant kind.

What You Should Know about Moles

Whether you choose to remove your moles or keep them, you should know that you are playing a risky game if you keep your moles. If you do not have them removed, do be sure to have your moles checked at least annually, during your physical. Keeping an eye on the moles for any changes or weird occurrences is how some famous people were able to keep their moles and prevent skin cancer at the same time. Otherwise, it is wiser and better just to remove them. For more information, contact establishments like Center Of Dermatology PC.