A Bridal Hair Consultation: What It Is and Why You Want to Do It

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A Bridal Hair Consultation: What It Is and Why You Want to Do It

11 June 2018
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Most brides book bridal hair services on the very day of their wedding. This is done so that any hairstyle they get will stay the way it should, at least through the ceremony and pictures. However, most of these brides often wing it.  They randomly select a hairstyle or let a stylist "do whatever" to their hair on what is supposed to be a very important day for them. Before you tie the knot, and before you decide to wing it with your hair on your big day, you should consider a bridal hair consultation. Here is more info on what a bridal hair consultation is and why you want to do it.

The Bridal Hair Consultation

You pick your salon, then you pick a recommended stylist. This could take quite a bit of time, considering that this is the same stylist you want to use on the day of your wedding. Then you sit down with this stylist and discuss what kinds of hairstyles would look great with your dress and your veil or headpiece. Be sure to bring your veil or headpiece with you to the consultation so that the stylist can get some idea of what he or she will have to work around. 

A lot of brides want up-dos, but not all veils, crowns, and tiaras work with all styles of up-dos. This bridal consultation helps you and your stylist figure out a hair style, up or down, that works with your headpiece/veil. Then you spend some time with the stylist trying out a couple of styles to see how they would look. When you happen upon a hair style you really like, your chosen stylist snaps a few pictures, takes a few notes, and then you are good to go until your wedding day.

Why You Want a Bridal Hair Consultation

First and foremost, these sessions are fun. They also help release some wedding concerns and tension so that when you come to the salon on your wedding day, you are not giving your stylist total control over how your hair turns out. You would not tell your florist "any flowers" or your wedding cake person "whatever flavor you have laying around," would you? No, you would not, and you definitely should not be telling your stylist to do anything with your hair on one of the most important days of your adult life, either. You want to be gorgeous and you want it to go your way, and the very day of your wedding is not the time to make decisions about curling or not curling your hair.

Schedule your consultation at a salon, such as Debra's Do's... and Makeup Too, now to get this process started to make sure you have adequate time to find the perfect hair style for you.