2 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Brand New Tattoo

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2 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Brand New Tattoo

19 June 2018
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If you have just gotten a brand new tattoo, you may wonder if there is anything special you need to do to take care of it afterward--not only to ensure the quality of the ink but also to prevent infection. If so, use the following tips for taking care of your tattoo until the area has fully healed.

Avoid Putting Clothes Directly on the Tattoo

While still at the tattoo shop, the artist covers a tattoo with a bandage to protect the skin and your clothing from oozing blood and fluids. However, after the first day, you will remove the bandage so the skin can air out and allow a scab to form over the tattoo.

After the bandage is removed, try to avoid putting clothes on that will cover the area, if possible, as the cloth could contaminate the area. Also, since your tattoo will continue to ooze until it is healed, you run the risk of ruining whatever clothing is placed over it.

However, depending on where your tattoo is located on your body, it may be impossible to adhere to this tip. If so, loosely place a piece of clean gauze over the tattoo. If you do this, make sure you gently remove it to avoid ripping off the scab. If the gauze becomes stuck, wet it with water before attempting to take it off.

Clean and Moisturize the Area a Couple of Times a Day

After the initial bandage is removed from the tattoo, your skin will be exposed to bacteria that could cause an infection. To keep this from happening, make sure you are meticulous about washing the area at least twice a day with a gentle antibacterial soap.

Also, keeping the tattoo moist is imperative for helping to prevent infection and preserving the color of the ink. If you allow the skin to get too dry, it will start to crack and leave open areas for germs to enter. The moisturizer also keeps the scab from peeling too early, giving the ink time to fully penetrate your skin.

However, you need to use a moisturizer that is either designed specifically for tattoos or has an antibacterial agent. If you are unsure as to which moisturizer to use, ask your tattoo artist for their recommendation.

Using the above tips while taking care of your new tattoo can prevent infection, as well as keep your ink's colors vibrant. If you have any questions or need aftercare product recommendations, speak with your tattoo artist for personalized tips and advice.