Understanding The Differences Between Micropigmentation And Tattooing

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Understanding The Differences Between Micropigmentation And Tattooing

21 June 2018
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If you are bald, have a bald spot, or are experiencing an issue with thinning hair, then you want a solution that will enhance your appearance. There are quite a few options, and scalp tattooing is one of them. Typically called micropigmentation, the treatment may be similar to a traditional tattoo, but there are some differences as well that make it an ideal treatment for the scalp.

A Thin Needle Is Used And Ink Is Inserted Deeper

If you have ever seen a crisp, new tattoo that loses its sharp edges, then you may be concerned about the way that pigmentation on the scalp will look after some time. Micropigmentation is not the same as tattooing, so the results will be different. Most importantly, the pigment is unlikely to spread. Professionals will use needles that embed deep into the dermis. A traditional tattoo will leave ink just below the surface of the epidermis, and the deeper the ink, the more pinpointed it will be. 

Also, the needle used is much thinner than the one used by tattoo artists. This allows for a much smaller insertion point, less ink, and a more subtle tattoo. 

The ink that is used is also closely matched to your skin tone and your hair color. So, while a traditional tattoo would be created to stand out, the pigmentation is meant to blend in and look natural. 

The Pigmentation Is Not Permanent

There is less of a risk when you invest in micropigmentation due to the fact that the tattoo is not completely permanent. It is considered semi-permanent and will often last somewhere between three and six years, depending on your body and the amount of sun your head is exposed to. 

You should understand that you will need to invest in quite a bit of time when you opt for scalp tattooing. You will often require about three sessions in total. The first will involve the insertion of light "hairs." Your professional will start conservatively so the color can be evaluated.

After the first session, a darker colored ink will be used, and the third appointment will allow the professional to add the finishing touches to ensure that the pigmentation looks natural. If the pigmentation process is completed in stages, then the appearance will appear 3D with shadowing that mimics that natural hairs.

Since multiple appointments are needed, you can expect to pay more than you would with a traditional tattoo.

If you want to know more about scalp tattooing and to understand how different techniques and looks can be achieved, speak with a company like Scalp Amplified Studios.