Choose Hair Extensions And Learn How To Style And Care For Your Purchases

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Choose Hair Extensions And Learn How To Style And Care For Your Purchases

25 September 2018
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Clip-in hair extensions will add thickness and length to your current hairstyle. If you are interested in extensions that contain natural strands of hair, caring for the extensions is critical so that your extensions last for months or longer. Because hair strands don't receive oils that your natural hair receives, moisturizing the hair strands is necessary, and styling products and combing sessions should be kept to a minimum.

Purchase Extensions And A Hair Case

Before you purchase extensions, think about the changes that you would like to make to your natural style. Would you prefer wavier hair or strands that have a lighter or darker hue? Since there are so many styles to choose from, you can achieve the look you desire simply by purchasing a pack of extensions that match the description that you have in mind.

An aerated hair case is essential so that your hair extensions are not prone to mildew when they are not being worn. A hair case has long chambers built into it that will allow you to lay out each bundle of hair to prevent strands from becoming tangled.

Learn How To Install And Style Extensions

If you purchase your extensions from a salon or spa, request assistance with installing the extensions during a beauty appointment. Bring a picture of a hairstyle that you prefer so that the beautician can view it. This will help the beautician decide what types of products to use.

Your desired style won't necessarily require the addition of a lot of styling products, and you may even be happy with the appearance of the strands without additional products.

Clip-in hair extensions are attached directly to the hair shaft. The top of each bundle of hair is secured near the scalp so that the clips are not visible. A curling iron or blow dryer can be used to add volume to your extensions. Your stylist will advise you to use the tools sparingly so that hair strands do not break off.

A standard comb or brush can be used to comb through the strands of hair. Do not yank on the strands when you are styling your extensions at home. If you find that several of the hair the strands are knotted and difficult to comb or brush through, apply a conditioner or detangling spray to the hair strands that need to be treated.

Remove your hair extensions every night and place them inside of the hair case. Store the case on a shelf that is inside of a room that is well-ventilated. For more information, check out a website like