An Enzyme Exfoliant Could Be What Your Sensitive Skin Needs For A Healthy Glow

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An Enzyme Exfoliant Could Be What Your Sensitive Skin Needs For A Healthy Glow

20 March 2019
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If your skin seems dull, then you may want to try an exfoliant to give it a new glow so you look rested and healthy. An exfoliant removes the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the rosy, healthy cells below. The result is more radiant skin that makes you feel better about your appearance. Exfoliants come in scrubs, acids, and enzymes. Here's why you might prefer an enzyme exfoliator.

Enzymes Are Gentler On Your Skin

A scrub contains small abrasive bits that scrape away the dead skin cells on the surface. If you have sensitive skin, a scrub can be too harsh, especially if you aren't gentle as you use it. Acids dissolve the substances that hold the cells to the surface of your skin, and these can be hard on your skin too. While an enzyme exfoliator works in a manner similar to acid, it does so in a more gentle way because of the anti-inflammatory effect it has at the same time. If you've been unable to tolerate acid peels or other types of exfoliants in the past due to sensitive skin, you still might be able to tolerate an enzyme treatment.

Enzymes Are Derived From Food

If you like the idea of using natural substances and foods on your skin, then you might prefer enzyme exfoliants since they come from food. Common sources include pumpkin, pineapple, and papaya. You may see a bromelain exfoliation treatment advertised at a spa. This uses enzymes from the pineapple plant. Bromelain is often used in exfoliants because of its strong anti-inflammatory action. Different companies have different formulas for their products, so be sure to read the labels if you buy something for home treatments. Some products may have enzymes mixed with acids, so you want to be sure of what you're using if you have sensitive skin.

Enzyme Exfoliant Peels Work Fast

You can buy enzyme exfoliants at a beauty supply store or you can have the treatments done at a spa for more intense results. An enzyme peel done at a salon gives quick results, which you may want if you want beautiful skin for an upcoming event. Exfoliant products you use at home often take multiple treatments and longer to work. They're great for maintaining glowing skin, but if you need to remove the upper layer of dead cells in a single session, then going to a spa for an enzyme peel could the best choice.

If you struggle with sensitive skin, then you're probably wary about trying anything new. You may feel the same about an enzyme exfoliator. Although they are gentler than other types of exfoliators, you may still have skin irritation if your skin can't tolerate the enzymes. Talk to a skin care specialist about your skin's needs or use the product on a test area first so you know how your skin will react before covering your face with a new skin care product.