Reasons To Use Glass Nail Files

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Reasons To Use Glass Nail Files

22 April 2019
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Nail files are an essential when it comes to nail care. Without a file, the edges of your nails are prone to breaking, and chipping and filing help to smooth rough edges after cutting. Previously, the most common types of nail files are generally metal or a strip of sandpaper on a board, but there is a more modern option available that is made of glass. Glass nail files were previously only used in nail salons, but you can now buy glass nail files online for use at home. If you are still using a metal nail file or emery board to file your nails, here are a few reasons why you should ditch the metal file and use a glass nail file instead.

Smooth Nails

When you buy a Czech nail file, you will be getting a glass nail file that has microscopic, evenly distributed grooves on the surface, which create a smooth finish when filing. Metal files and emery boards are generally rough and typically leave nail edges jagged. A glass nail file smooths and seals the freshly filed nail edges, which reduces splitting and peeling. Glass nail files create a smoother finish, so there is no need to worry about snagging your nails on clothing or hair.

Good Hygiene

Unlike an emery board, glass nail files aren't porous, so they will not absorb water, which reduces the growth of germs and bacteria. Glass nail files can be washed in hot water and disinfected with a variety of means, such as UV light or alcohol. Being able to clean your file allows you to get rid of bacteria, and it helps to reduce the risk of a nail infection. Glass files don't corrode or have a risk of any other change in their properties, which may cause infection or injury to your nails.

Doesn't Wear Out

Metal files and emery boards are made with a grinding surface that is attached to a base; however, glass nail files are made with the filing surface being part of the body. A chemical action helps create the grinding surface on the glass surface. The design of a glass nail file helps it to last significantly longer than a metal nail file or emery board; in fact, they are made to never wear down. If you maintain a glass file and don't lose it, it could last you a lifetime.

The only downside to using glass nail files is that they are made of glass, so they can break if you drop it. They are made from safety glass, so they will simply crack instead of shatter. To avoid breakage, you should properly store and carefully handle your glass nail file.

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