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Corporate Dress Conundrums: How To Incorporate Your Own Style

When I got my first job in a corporate environment, I needed a crash course in professional dress and the expectations. I didn't want to let the environment quash my own personal sense of style, though. I spent a lot of time learning what was and was not acceptable in a corporate environment and then finding ways to adapt it to my own preferences. I created this site to share the tips I discovered with others to help them avoid the struggles that I did. I hope that the information here helps you adjust to the dress code of your corporate job without losing yourself in the process.


First Steps On Your Cosmetology Journey

8 January 2019
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

If you have a love of beauty and a keen sense of style, then cosmetology may be the right profession for you. Not only does cosmetology offer you a way to share your passion and help others express their true beauty, but it is also a reliable and safe career path. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cosmetologist jobs are expected to grow at a rate exceeding the national average for all professions. Read More …